How to Avoid Kids Video Game Binging During Lockdown

Like many 12 year old boys, Johnny loved hockey.  He would spend every waking moment on the ice if he could, and his parents were more than supportive given the amount of other kids who invest countless hours binge playing video games.

You can only imagine the devastation this boy, and many other kids in his community faced when the Covid lock down hit his hometown and the rink (which was really his second home) was closed down.  For a child who has spent much of his life, including many weeknights and every weekend on the ice, it is almost traumatizing to think about hockey and ice time coming to a complete stop, but there was no better time to seek out an alternative solution!

A home rink just made sense and for the Smith family.  It was a great project for Jonny’s father to take on, as you can imagine now working from home and also being on lock down was hard for the whole family.

We discussed products, size, a goal crease and we put together a package that arrived at his doorstep in less than 2 days! 

One product feature they appreciated was the option to stagger panels row to row – a unique design to SmartRinks products. The staggered or brick bond setup makes for a stronger joint pattern that is especially helpful when the floor under the material is not uniformly flat or level. In addition, this pattern can reduce otherwise wasted cut panels! For example, when cutting half of the panel off the end of one row, you can use the remaining piece for the beginning of the next.

We walked him through each step of the install and in no time at all Johnny was back on the ice again!

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