Community synthetic ice rink

synthetic ice oval

Synthetic ice oval design using SmartRink’s ProFast1500 heavy duty panel system configured in a brick bond layout

Recently we had the opportunity to bid on a community synthetic ice rink in North Battleford, Saskatchewan Canada. I must admit I have never been there – but that will all change soon enough when the crew arrives to install this community synthetic ice rink. There were a number of significant factors that pushed our bid over the top. For one thing this is a seriously severe winter climate – not for the weak of heart – or more accurately for the weaker synthetic ice connection systems! For example the daily average temperature in the month of January is minus 17 degrees Celsius while the summer time temperatures have been known to be as high as 37 degrees Celsius. That is a massive temperature swing! Now combine that with snow, ice, rain, freezing, thawing and you start to imagine all kinds of possible issues a poor synthetic ice panel joint will suffer through. So we offered the client one of our Heavy Duty commercial synthetic ice panel joint systems called the ProFast1500-SG. This is a 15 mm thick panel made with our Ice-y-Blue700 material with infused glide enhancer. The perimeter joint is a continuously machined ridge and hollow that creates an extremely strong joint connection. Its an impressive display of German excellence in engineering and machining. This product will have no issues with the climate and therefore this community synthetic ice rink will remain safe for the skaters year round. The second significant factor that convinced the decision makers that SmartRink was the product to go with was that we could make an oval or ellipse shape (oval without a center). Like all SmartRink panels we are able to set our panels up in a brick bond or offset design. This means we can make circles, ovals, squares, skating paths or trails, whatever shape you desire for your community synthetic ice rink. The edges can be trimmed down to create a nice smooth finished perimeter. No other products can do this, where we can do it with ease, with a minimal amount of cutting and therefore very little waste – if any. Of course we could get into a lot of other reasons why we are the number one choice for any community synthetic ice rink. But on this job the strength of our connection systems and the brick bond layout clutched the deal. If you are considering a synthetic ice rink for your community then consider SmartRink. We might cost a little more, but we are safer, last longer, and can deal with any kind of weather or site conditions. In a nutshell, clients never have to worry about our products.

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