skate at home

,aaskate at homeAs a hockey parent if someone told me that my kid could skate at home for less than a cup of coffee per day I would absolutely do that. Wouldn’t you? Probably you would.

But maybe you would need some additional information first such as “what the heck are you talking about!”

What I am talking about here is having your very own private synthetic ice training surface right in the comfort of your own home. Dollar for dollar its likely the best hockey training investment you can make for your kids. Most kids I know always did some kind of extra training to work on their skills. Could be shooting, quickness, agility, hands, anything really.

Imagine as a hockey dad you could all of a sudden work with your kid 1 on 1 and help them with all those little things you think they could improve upon. Their shot, stride and power. Even learning to hit is possible on synthetic ice. There really is no limitation as to what you can work on with a kid using synthetic ice.

In Canada we can offer financing to hockey parents who are looking to get that little edge over other kids. The payment terms on approved credit basis can be as long as 10 years. For 5 or 6 years on a 200 square foot surface you would literally pay less than what it costs for a cup of coffee daily.

You spend more on internet and cable TV than that!

So what are you waiting for? Get on the SmartRink site and check out the financing option that is best for you or just give us a call today. Read more about the rationale behind our synthetic ice rink pricing.


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